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The beauty industry is a multi-billion dollar industry that is constantly growing, evolving, and over flowing with unlimited professional opportunites. Not to mention that the unemployment rate in the beauty industry is almost 0%.

Academy di Firenze will help you succeed.

We offer courses in Cosmetology, Esthetics, Nail Technology, and Instructor Training. With the quality education that you will receive at Academy di Firenze you will be prepared for entry into the beauty industry and you will possess the confidence and knowledge to be a successful professional.

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Why Academy di Firenze


83.33% Graduation Rate

100% Graduate Licensure Rate

90% Graduate Placement Rate


We are not a franchise paying for someone else's ideas in training methods. We utilize original methods and proven teaching techniques which come from over 20 successful years of experience. Our cirriculum is updated constantly to meet the growing and every changing beauty industry.


We are approved by the United States Department of Education to participate in student financial aid programs. Federal financial aid is available to qualified applicants.

Training Supplies

Each student recieves and extensive cosmetology, esthetics, or nail technology kit fully equipped with everything they need to begin their course training and more. Academy di Firenze uses the most up-to-date Milady textbooks to train our students in the basics and salon skills.


We are licensed by the State of Idaho Bureau of Occupational Licenses and very proudly ACCREDITED by the National Accrediting Commission of Careers Arts & Science.



Academy di Firenze offers several different courses that are formulated to provide students with a quality education and valuable experiences.

The details for each course are listed below.

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Cosmetology Course     2000 hours - 60 weeks

cosmetology2-001 In order to become a licensed cosmetologist, the State of Idaho requires 2000 hours (average of 60 weeks) of training in an approved school. During this time the student will be learning through both theory and receiving practical hands on experience over a thirteen-month period. The first 300 hours are devoted to classroom workshops and mannequin training where basic ideas and theories of cosmetology are taught. The remaining 1,700 hours are spent in theoretical and classroom practice in cosmetology.


Cosmetology Division of Hours

Hygiene 10 hours
Bacteriology 25 hours
Histology of Hair 30 hours
Histology of the Skin, Scalp, and Nails 25 hours
Anatomy 30 hours
Nails & Glands and Related Diseases 15 hours
Electricity (as applied to cosmetology) 15 hours
Elementary Chemistry 20 hours
Skin, Scalp, Nails & Glands and Related Disorders and Diseases 30 hours
Massaging and Manipulating the muscles of the body 30 hours
Permanent Waves (all methods) 190 hours
Creative Hairstyles 500 hours
Scalp Treatments 10 hours
Haircutting 200 hours
Hair Tinting & Bleaching (all methods) 120 hours
Semi-Permanent Hair Color 20 hours
Frosting/Highlights 50 hours
Facials 65 hours
Manicures 80 hours
Pedicure 20 hours
Artificial Nails 40 hours
Sanitation, Disinfection, & Sterilization 200 hours
Idaho License Laws and Rules 50 hours
Salon Service 10 hours
Retail Sales 90 hours
Seeking Employment 20 hours
On the Job 20 hours
Customer Relations 40 hours
Unassigned 45 hours
TOTAL 2000 hours



Nail Technology Course     400 hours - 14 weeks

 cosmetology3-001  The Nail Technology course consists of 400 hours (average of 14 weeks) of basic manicuring, hand and nail care, and advanced artificial nail applications. At least one hour each day is spent on theory of the nails and related areas. Guest speakers and manufacturer's representatives will be invited to demonstrate and lecture on the latest ideas and products.


Nail Technology Division of Hours

Hygiene 10 hours
Bacteriology 20 hours
Histology of Hands and Feet 15 hours
Histology of the Skin, Muscles, Nails & Nerves 20 hours
Anatomy 20 hours
Skin, Nails, & Glands and Related Disorders and Diseases 20 hours
Electricity (as applied to nail technology) 10 hours
Elementary Chemistry 10 hours
Massaging and Manipulation of the muscles of the hands and feet 10 hours
Manicures 30 hours
Pedicure 30 hours
Artificial Nails 40 hours
Sanitation, Disinfection, & Sterilization 20 hours
Idaho License Laws and Rules 50 hours
Salon Service / Business 20 hours
Retail Sales 20 hours
Seeking Employment 20 hours
On the Job 15 hours
Customer Relations 20 hours
TOTAL 400 hours




Esthetician Course    600 hours - 20 weeks

 esthetics-001  The purpose of this esthetician course is to train students the basic skills required to perform esthetics services in a professional and safe manner in accordance to the State of Idaho Cosmetology Laws and Rules. The course will cover 600 hours (average of 20 weeks) of training on areas pertaining to the fundamental skills for estheticians as well as communications skills, retail sales, and salon business.


Esthetics Division of Hours

Hygiene 10 hours
Bacteriology 20 hours
Histology of the skin, muscles, and nerves 45 hours
Anatomy 45 hours
Elementary Chemistry 35 hours
Electricity (as applied to esthetics) 25 hours
Skin & Glands and Nails and Related Disorders and Diseases 30 hours
Massaging and manipulating the muscles of the face and body 40 hours
Facials 50 hours
Sanitation, Disinfection & Sterilization 100 hours
Salon Service / Retail Sales 25 hours
Seeking Employment / On the Job 25 hours
Customer Relations 40 hours
Idaho License Laws and Rules 50 hours
Unassigned 60 hours
TOTAL 600 hours



Instructor Training     500 hours - 17 weeks & 1000 hours - 31 weeks





This class is designed to prepare the student instructor to not only pass the State of Idaho Instructor Examination, but also to teach the student instructor how to develop skills and to relate thoughts and concepts to students and the public. This course will teach the student instructor to be able to communicate well with students and staff and to have a complete teaching format for each phase of Cosmetology. The State of Idaho requires that an instructor have 500 hours (average of 17 weeks) of training and three years of working experience or 1000 hours (average of 31 weeks) of training if less than three years of working experience in order to become licensed as an Instructor.


Instructor Training Division of Hours

Fundamentals of Adult Education 35 hours 70 hours
Communication 25 hours 50 hours
Preparation of Lesson Planning 30 hours 60 hours
Practical Demonstration and Presentation 40 hours 80 hours
Theory Presentation 25 hours 50 hours
Teaching Aids 15 hours 30 hours
Evaluation & Measurement / Exams 20 hours 40 hours
Clinical Observation 260 hours 520 hours
Counseling & Record Keeping 25 hours 50 hours
Idaho License Laws and Rules 25 hours 50 hours
TOTAL 500 hours 1000 hours